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Recruitment and DBS Checks

Background checks such as DBS Checks are a crucial part of recruitment, whether taken care of by a department within a business or a recruitment agency.

DBS Checks are essential as they help to ensure that new recruits are safe, reliable, and suited to the role. They also provide a fair playing field for job candidates.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development advises that pre-employment checks and vetting should be a fundamental part of the recruitment process, especially for jobs with a high level of responsibility.

The main role of DBS Checks is to ensure that safeguarding and safety standards and policies are met within a company or organisation, especially when children and vulnerable adults are involved.

This article will explore some of the recruitment requirements related to DBS Checks and how procedures can be followed.


The role of DBS Checks in recruitment

During the recruitment process, the recruiter needs to determine whether the candidate needs a DBS check. For example, certain high positions require a Standard or an Enhanced DBS Check and the recruiter needs to ensure what level is necessary for the candidate.

For other positions, the role of DBS checks in recruitment won’t form such a crucial part of the process if the position isn’t eligible for a higher level of DBS check. But, this is not to say that criminal record checks should not be carried out.

For positions such as those in retail, administration or IT, a higher level of DBS check will typically not be required but requesting a basic DBS check can still form good recruitment practice.

A basic DBS check is the lowest level of criminal record check and will detail any unspent convictions an applicant may have. These are commonly referred to as anything recent and/or serious. This check can be requested by anyone over the age of 16, meaning there are no eligibility requirements in place to obtain one.

Due to differing rehabilitation periods for determining when a conviction becomes spent, these checks will be processed either by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or Disclosure Scotland depending on where the applicant lives and/or works. Self-employed need to make sure that they have the right checks.



Where can I find out more information?

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