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How to recruit safely: challenges in recruitment

In the process of hiring the best talent, you will encounter a number of recruitment challenges. In this article, we discuss some of these biggest challenges in 2023, and some useful tips for overcoming them when doing DBS checks on employees.


1. Finding qualified candidates

Recruiters often contact good candidates regularly, making it harder for your own email to stand out. In addition, candidates with hard-to-find skills are often considering several job offers at the same time. In order to persuade passive candidates to choose your company over your competitors, you need to put in the extra effort.

Tip: Before contacting qualified and good candidates, research what makes them happy about their job and what are their motivations. Personalise your emails to describe that what you offer matches and exceeds their expectations.


2. Hiring as fast as possible

Recruiters want to hire fast because delaying operations can cost money. Making a hire can take several months and depending on the industry this can put pressure on hiring teams.

Sometimes, the hiring process is slow and this can put down the candidates resulting in the best candidates finding jobs elsewhere.


3. Hiring for diversity and inclusion

Employers are increasingly coming to recognise the strong business case for improving the level of diversity and inclusion within their workforce. By recruiting professionals from a range of backgrounds at all levels of seniority, businesses gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives.

Companies with staff from a broad range of backgrounds have been found to outperform firms with a less diverse workforce. By attracting and retaining a diverse range of staff, businesses can identify opportunities and explore new solutions. Developing, implementing and promoting a diversity strategy is the challenge employers now face. Securing the most talented professionals will require employers to take on a new, innovative approach to access more diverse talent pools.


4. Setting up an efficient recruitment process

Recruiters need to communicate fast and establish an efficient and straight recruitment process. When the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers is not good, that can slow down the process and affect administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews.

Tip: Consider getting an ATS (Applicant tracking system) that will help the team to coordinate and see all the steps of the recruitment process. This system enables your team to leave comments, schedule and alert for an efficient recruitment process.


5. Wrong DBS checks carried out on employees

Background screening is very important and we recommend carrying out basic DBS Checks on each of your employees for best practices. You will be able to know if your new hires are safe and don’t have any criminal records. Sometimes, a basic DBS Check is not enough, in some sectors (for example, care homes, schools, nurseries) where there are vulnerable people involved, you must need an Enhanced DBS Check, which is the highest level of check. Recruiters need to know what type of DBS Check their candidates need, to know in detail about this please read our blog.

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How to recruit safely in 2023

  1. Inform candidates of your commitment to safeguarding those in your care.
  2. Address that all candidates will have to go through a vetting procedure on the job advert.
  3. Carefully plan your recruitment process so that there is enough time to thoroughly vet each candidate.
  4. Carry out pre-employment checks such as DBS checks, qualification checks, reference checks and identity checks.
  5. Ensure that the new employees undergo appropriate training so that they know what acceptable behaviour is.

Are you ready to complete a check online?

Receive the certificate in as little as 7 days

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