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How much is a DBS check?

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In 2024 DBS checks play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of children and vulnerable adults. Employers and organizations can use these checks to screen potential employees or volunteers and determine their suitability for the position (safer recruitment). It is typically the employer’s responsibility to pay for the DBS check, but in some cases, the employee may be required to pay. There are three types of DBS checks available: Basic, Standard, and Enhanced, and the cost of each check can vary. Individuals can also apply for a Basic DBS check at any time. It is important to enquire about who is responsible for paying the DBS check fee at the interview stage. To save time and money, employers should only request DBS checks once the offer of employment has been accepted.


What is a DBS Check? 

DBS checks, also known as Disclosure and Barring Service checks, are a way for employers and organisations to screen potential employees or volunteers to ensure they do not have a history of criminal behaviour that would make them unsuitable for the position. The cost of a DBS check can vary depending on the type of check being performed and the organisation requesting the check.


DBS Checks for employers

As far as determining who is responsible for DBS check payments, it is the employer most of the time. Most organisations accept the responsibility of paying for Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check applications, but sometimes employees are required to pay for DBS Checks.

Employers looking to hire will usually highlight that a DBS check is compulsory as part of the job recruitment process. This will usually be specified by the governing body (if applicable) as well.

For people working as teachers, private tutors or healthcare providers, they will need to apply for an Enhanced DBS check due to their direct contact with children and vulnerable adults.

However, there is no legal requirement for employers to pay a DBS check fee. Sometimes, the applicant is responsible. Usually, the employer specifies who is accountable in the job description. Most employers who require several DBS checks will usually have an account with the DBS, so will front the cost.

To help employers save time and money, they should only request that applicants apply for a DBS once they have accepted the offer of employment. Depending on the role, they may not start work until they have been deemed safe to work with children or vulnerable adults.


DBS Checks for Individuals

No law states that employers must pay for DBS applications. Some organisations may ask employees to pay for the checks themselves, which can be difficult for people who regularly move jobs or have multiple employers.

At any point, applicants can apply for a Basic DBS check, which only shows unspent convictions (provided they are at least 16 years of age). Applicants can apply for Enhanced or Standard checks once the employing company has requested them.

It’s worth enquiring at the interview stage who will be responsible.


How much does a DBS Check cost?

There are three types of DBS Checks, Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Each comes with a different price. The price in 2024 can differ on the type of service provided, we recommend contacting us to know the exact price depending on the type and number of checks you need.

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