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8 Surprising Jobs that require DBS Check

Checking the background of employees has now become an important part of every organisation, but there are some roles that surprisingly need DBS checks too.


We have put together 8 surprising jobs that require DBS Check.


Keeping with roles that impact the lives of individuals and the running of businesses, a solicitor is another role that requires a DBS check. The majority of law firms expect qualified solicitors to have a DBS check, usually a Standard level check.

Additionally, when new legislation on Anti-Money Laundering became law in January 2020, any new beneficial owners, officers and managers (BOOMs) and any BOOM looking to switch legal firms needs a basic DBS check. This will prove that they don’t have any criminal convictions that would prevent them from fulfilling their role.



Vets will interact with many pet owners, and some of these will be children or vulnerable adults. When applying for a veterinary position, a standard DBS check will be required on entry into the profession.



A football steward is the face of the football club as fans attend match days. This means that stewards have regular contact with the public, which also includes children under 18 or vulnerable adults. This makes the role eligible for a standard DBS check to ensure they’re suitable to interact with the public.



When working in pest control, the employee could be sent out to various locations including schools, nursing homes and nurseries. They also have access to dangerous weapons and tools, so only suitable candidates must be hired. Thus on entry into the profession, applicants need a basic DBS check.



In UK law, the role of a chartered accountant is listed as an “excepted profession” in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. Any job role on this list requires a standard DBS check. A standard DBS check reveals any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that a job applicant has.

Chartered accountants have a lot of responsibility, so a DBS check for this role is warranted. The role of an accountant is to measure, report and give advice on the financial matters of businesses and individuals, which they usually act upon in the knowledge the advice is the right one.

While not every conviction will stop an applicant from becoming a chartered accountant, any conviction related to fraud or financial misconduct will likely end that opportunity.



In the UK, before someone can be accepted into the Master Locksmiths Association so that they are fully licensed to become a locksmith, they must undergo a standard DBS check. This is because locksmiths have the training to break into property or vehicles without damage, as it is their everyday job. It needs to be ensured that the reason they’re training is legitimate, and not going to be used for criminal activity in the future.



This is another role where the law requires anyone wanting to be a scrap metal merchant to have a basic DBS check done. Before the law changed, many merchants were knowingly purchasing scrap metal from criminals who had stolen the metal. Therefore, the law now requires those involved in this industry to be of honest character and keep up-to-date complete records of the people they buy the scrap metal from.



People that work in establishments where alcohol is served need to act responsibly. They need to know when it’s appropriate to serve somebody or not. They may also come into contact with inebriated individuals, and it would be easy to take advantage of them by under-changing them or charging them too much. Therefore bar, pub, and club workers are often required to get at least a basic DBS check carried out before starting work. Some local councils in the UK require alcohol licensees to have a standard or enhanced DBS check certificates.


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