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How To Renew Your DBS Check: A Guide To DBS Renewal

A Guide to DBS Renewal

In this article, we will explain how you can Renew Your DBS Check, we will be covering both individual and employer processes for DBS Renewal, and ensure your compliance with legal standards.


Key Takeaways

– DBS checks should be renewed every three years or as specific organisational policies require; some organisations ask employees for DBS Renewal every 6 months.
– DBS Renewal ensures continued eligibility for positions, particularly in sectors like education and healthcare.
– The DBS Renewal process involves verifying eligibility, collecting documents, and completing the application with associated fees.
– Employers are responsible for supporting the renewal process to ensure a safe work environment.
– The DBS Update Service streamlines the process, keeping checks current and simplifying employer verification.
– Legal compliance requires up-to-date DBS checks; failure to renew can result in non-compliance and potential legal issues.


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Why renewing a DBS Check is important?

DBS checks are an integral part of safeguarding practices, especially in environments where employees interact with vulnerable groups. Renewing your DBS Check is not just about compliance, it’s about contributing to a safer society. In this guide, we will explain the DBS Renewal Process, providing you with essential information and practical tips.


What is a DBS Check and why it needs renewing?

Types of DBS Checks

There are three main types of DBS checks: Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. Each serves a different purpose, from basic criminal record checks to more detailed examinations for those working closely with children and vulnerable adults.

Importance for Individuals and Employers

For individuals, a current DBS check often is crucial for job eligibility, especially in sectors like education and healthcare. Background Checks are becoming a crucial part of recruitment. For employers, it’s part of due diligence, ensuring that they hire suitable candidates, thereby maintaining a safe work environment.


When Should You Renew Your DBS Check?

Timeline for DBS Renewal

Generally, DBS checks are recommended to be renewed every three years. However, some organisations may require more frequent renewals depending on their policy or regulatory changes.

Identifying the Need for DBS Check Renewal

Changes in job roles and workplaces or the introduction of new regulations are some of the common triggers for DBS check renewal. It’s important to stay informed and proactive in these scenarios.


How you can renew your DBS Check as an individual.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you still require the same type of DBS check as your current role.
  2. Gather Documents: You’ll need identity documents like a passport or driver’s license, and proof of address.
  3. Complete the Application: Fill in the application form, either online or through your employer.
  4. Submit and Pay: Pay the required fee and submit your application.

Documents Required to Renew your DBS Check

You will need three documents: a photo ID (passport or driving license), a proof of address (utility bill or bank statement), and a birth certificate or national insurance number.


The DBS Check Renewal Process for Employers

Employer’s Responsibilities

Employers should have a clear policy on DBS renewals, communicate it to their employees, and facilitate the renewal process when necessary.

Coordinating with Employees

Employers should remind employees of upcoming renewals and assist them in the process, ensuring minimal disruption to the workplace. For a complete guide on how to DBS Check an employee, read our article.


DBS Check Online Renewal

Pros and Cons

Online renewal is faster and more convenient, while postal renewal can be preferable for those less comfortable with online processes.

How to Choose the Best Method

Consider factors like internet access, speed of processing, and personal comfort with online forms when choosing between the two.


Common Challenges in DBS Check Renewal

Addressing Delays and Errors

Common causes of delays include incorrect information or missing documents. Double-checking your application can prevent these issues.

Solutions for Common Issues

If you encounter delays, contact the DBS directly. Keep a record of your application number for reference.


The Role of the Update Service in DBS Check Renewal

Advantages of Using the Update Service

This service keeps your DBS certificate up to date and allows employers to check it online with your consent. It’s a great way to manage your DBS status more efficiently.

How to Enroll and Use the Service

You can subscribe to the Update Service within 30 days of issuing your DBS Certificate. The annual subscription fee is around £13 for paid employees and free for volunteers.


Renewing a DBS Check for Volunteers

Special Considerations

Volunteers often need an Enhanced DBS check, especially if they work with vulnerable groups. The process is similar to that for paid roles.

Process and Fees

Volunteer DBS checks come with a fee, sometimes the employer pays for that.


DBS Check Renewal for Different Sectors

Education, Healthcare, and Others

Sectors like education and healthcare often require Enhanced DBS checks due to the nature of work. The renewal process is typically more stringent.

Specific Requirements per Sector

Each sector might have specific requirements or additional checks, such as checks against barred lists in education.


Legal Implications of an Expired DBS Check

Consequences for Individuals and Employers

An expired DBS check can lead to legal issues, especially if it’s a requirement for your role. Employers also risk non-compliance with regulatory standards.

Legal Requirements

Stay informed about the legal requirements in your sector to ensure that your DBS checks are always up to date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. How long does the DBS renewal process take? Typically, it takes about two weeks, but it can vary depending on the type of check and any issues with the application.
  2. Can I still work while my DBS is being renewed? This depends on your employer’s policy. Some may allow you to work under supervision until your renewed DBS is received.
  3. Do I need a new DBS check if I change jobs? Yes, if your new job requires a different type of DBS check or if your current check is outdated.
  4. Is the DBS Update Service worth it? Yes, especially if you need frequent DBS checks. It simplifies the renewal process and is cost-effective in the long run.
  5. Can I dispute the information on my DBS check? Yes, if you believe there’s an error on your DBS certificate, you can appeal to the DBS directly.
  6. What if I lose my DBS certificate? If you’re subscribed to the Update Service, your employer can check your status online. Otherwise, you may need to apply for a replacement.


To renew your DBS Check, click here. For organisations that need to renew DBS Checks for their employees please click here and schedule a call with one of our account managers.

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