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Taxi Drivers

Why your sector needs a DBS check?

Taxi and private drivers must have a DBS Check before becoming licenced drivers. But it can be confusing trying to establish which level of DBS Check you need. The necessary checks have changed multiple times over the years, so keeping track can be hard. Feel free to contact us to receive up to date and accurate information. As of now, Taxi Drivers needs an Enhanced DBS Check.


  • The Department for Transports (DFTs) statutory guidance states that all taxi and private hire drivers are required to have an Enhanced DBS Check in place for their application. This check includes the following:
    - A check against the Police National Computer for any cautions, warnings, reprimands, or convictions (Spent or Unspent)
    - A check against the DBS’s Children’s or Adult’s Barred Lists
    - A check for any relevant police notes on the applicant

    Licensing authorities must ensure that any drivers they are licensing have produced an Enhanced DBS Certificate. Without this, they are not allowed to license drivers.

  • Taxi and private hire drivers can be responsible for transporting any public member. This means the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) consider them ‘exempt’ from the normal eligibility criteria of the Enhanced DBS checks.

    Taxi and private hire drivers are often responsible for transporting the most vulnerable members of society, so they must have an Enhanced DBS Check.

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