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DBS Check For Cleaners

When you open your door to a professional cleaner, it’s safe to assume a few things.

Typically, they’re qualified, experienced and trustworthy. But, of course, anyone who values their property wouldn’t cross their fingers and simply hope for the best.

They would do some basic company background checks for full assurance, read testimonials, seek referrals, and learn more about the cleaning processes and products involved, for example.

But what about the people actually carrying out the work—the cleaners who will come into your home or office on a regular basis? Is it right to ask about their background too?

The answer is yes, and it’s called a ‘DBS check’.


What’s a DBS check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) provides a checking service that discloses any criminal records for a particular individual. With this information, people can make more informed (and potentially safer) hiring decisions based on criminal record information. This is particularly important for roles involving contact with children in schools, nurseries, or childcare, as well as vulnerable adults in hospitals and care homes.

It’s also a perfectly acceptable question to ask when it comes to hiring a trustworthy cleaning company for your office or home. Making sure all its cleaners are DBS checked is a quick and easy way to put your mind at ease.


What is the advantage for cleaning companies in having a DBS Check?

Good cleaning companies will know that they could be offered work in locations that require more reassurance on the people they will let on the premises, especially where children or vulnerable adults are going to be around. This means the cleaning company should be upfront about DBS checks for employees at all times and should be able to provide the information if/when potential customers request it.

However, there are rules that dictate what levels of DBS check a cleaner is eligible for before taking on a role.


Different roles may require different types of DBS Checks

Cleaners In Care Homes, Hospitals And Schools

Most roles in care homes, hospitals and schools need a level of DBS checking, because cleaners will be placed onwards, cleaning operating theatres and entering classrooms and have contact with vulnerable groups. The type of DBS check allowed will depend on the exact role in question.

School cleaners usually work in the evening when the children are long off the premises, meaning only a basic disclosure is required. However, after-school clubs do take place, which increases the likelihood of a cleaner coming into contact with a child. Schools should put the right safety measures in place to ensure contact is avoided.

Conversely, a cleaner on hospital wards will be there all day and will come into contact with children and vulnerable adults, so they could be eligible for a standard or enhanced DBS check with a children’s barring list if applicable.

Care Homes, Schools and hospitals are hiring individuals in these roles regularly, so they can advise applicants on the type of check that will be expected of them.


Cleaners In Retail, Office, Industrial and Warehouse Space

Cleaners working in environments where there is no opportunity for contact with vulnerable groups are eligible to have a Basic DBS Check. More and more employers are opting to check their staff at a Basic level as part of their own recruitment process to safeguard their business and property. Basic level checks are extremely quick and easy to obtain and if an employer wishes to request them they can in any situation with the applicant’s permission.



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